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Experience expanded awareness, greater clarity and sense of wellbeing through breathwork coaching.

Expand to your full potential Expand to your full potential Expand to your full potential Expand to your full potential

Breathwork Coaching

Breathwork is a deep meditative practice that facilitates the release of emotions we may have been holding onto for many years, as a result, leaving us lighter and often in a state of bliss and total mind clarity.

The benefits of breathwork coaching include:


  • Decreased anxiety, frustration, overwhelm and stress
  • Increased clarity of mind
  • Improved and clear decision making
  • Access to greater creativity and innovation
  • Heightened intuition
  • Expanded and altered states of awareness similar to a psychedelic experience
  • Increased awareness and connection to self
  • Research supports improvement in the respiratory, cardiovascular and autonomic nervous system
  • Optimisation of physiological parameters associated with longevity

Book a Breathwork Class

Breathwork can be learned individually or in a group setting.
Individual and group Breathwork Coaching classes are currently been offered in person in
Dublin, Ireland and virtually from anywhere in the world.

1:1 Session

Virtual and in-person individual sessions allow for additional support to explore even deeper state of consciousness, addressing specific concerns.

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Drop-in Classes

Take a virtual or in-person group workshop for maintaining a regular practice, reducing stress, improving clarity and expanding self awareness.

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Group Program

Ready to deep-dive? Learn more about the next 6-week personal transformative and immersive Breathwork-led group program

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Breathwork for Business

Clarity of mind, improved decision making and heightened intuition are well known benefits of a breathwork practice

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“I went into [Breathwork] skeptical, as someone with psychedelic experience, that it could achieve anything comparable and I was really stunned by just how powerfully you can induce these same non-ordinary states using Breathwork.”

– Tim Ferris (The Tim Ferris Show ep 347)

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