The Magical Power of the Breath

Breathwork is an active meditation, with deep rhythmic breathing to increases the oxygen flow through the body. It is highly cathartic and slightly psychedelic in its ability to move stuck energy and bring us to deeper levels of clarity and awareness. 

Just one session will leave you feeling lighter, renewed and often in a state of bliss.

Explore breathwork offerings and testimonials below.


Individual Sessions

Private sessions can be taken in person in Dublin or virtually.

Sessions are 1 hour 10 minutes and broken into: 20 minutes discussion of what is going on in your life and what you would like to work on/accomplish, a guided 40 minute breathwork session, and 10 minute integration.

You can view availability and book here:

Drop-in Classes and Workshops

Group classes and workshops are a great way to dip your toe and try out breathwork for the first time. Equally, groups are a great way to maintain a regular practice; like any form of meditation, the more your practice the deeper you go!

In-person group classes are currently on hold given the current global situation. However virtual breathwork sessions are currently available and for a reduced price.

In person classes are normally held in Dublin City, Co. Kildare and London, UK. 

Testimonials for Breathwork Coaching

You are already healed. You are already whole. A more loving, gentle and compassionate experience with yourself is on the other side of the breath.
– Erin Telford

Why I say old chap that is spiffing lavatory chip shop gosh off his nut.!

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