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Virtual Breathwork Session

A typical one:one virtual breathwork session begins with a conversation about where you’re feeling stuck, what you want to get clear on, or what you want to let go of. From there, you will learn a the pranayama breathing pattern which you will practice while I guide you through your healing journey.

Virtual Breathwork sessions are delivered via Zoom or Skype.  Appointments are 75 minutes.

If you are new to remote sessions in this way, there is nothing to worry about! I will send you an email before our session to help you get set up and I’m here to help if you are having any problems.

What do I need for a Virtual Breathwork Session?

  • A computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone that has a camera
  • A comfortable and quiet place where you will not be disturbed
  • A couch, a bed, the floor! Anywhere you find comfortable to lie down
  • Blankets, cushion and anything you need to be comfortable

What’s next?

Book your virtual appointment using the form below or contact me directly here if you have any questions.

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